• Java, JS, Unix, SQL, SAP HANA

  • Product Management, JIRA

  • Data Visualization

  • Machine Learning

  • Robotics

Patent Applications

  • Visualization of Key Performance Indicator Dependencies
    US14/954,139 (USA)
    Nov, 2015
  • Multi-Dimensional Visual Analytics for Industries
    US14/866,562 (USA)
    4107/CHE/2015 (India)
    Sep, 2015
  • Virtual Split Dictionary for Search Optimization
    US14/314,032 (USA)
    Jun, 2014
  • Methods, Systems and Apparatus for Optimization Using Statistical Estimation
    US14/098,706 (USA)
    Dec, 2013


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

Research Assistant for Prof. Lyle Ungar

Live Map for World Well-Being Project

September, 2015 - November, 2015

Javascript, SQL, Google Map APIs

Developed a live map for visualizing various constructs (like Well-Being, Diabetes, etc.) related to the WWBP project.

The live map has several features like comparison of different constructs, animation of a construct over time, sticky tooltips, etc.

Machine Learning - CIS520

Gender Prediction Using Twitter Data

November, 2015

Matlab, Python


The goal of this project was to predict the gender of a person using the user’s twitter data which was extracted using Twitter API. The data included tweets of a particular person, profile picture and other derived features namely, age, smile, orientation of face, type of glasses worn, and how much percentage of the picture is occupied by the person’s face.

Using this data, our team built several models which were finally ensembled to create a model with fairly high accuracy to predict the gender, which helped us in topping the test-set leaderboard. However, we could not replicate our performance on the validation set due to size and time constraints.

Computational Linguistics - CIS530

Author Attribution for Gina Kolata

November, 2015

Matlab, Python


The project focussed on attributing the authorship of excerpts from a set of New York Times articles to author Gina Kolata. The training data included labeled excerpts from New York Times as Gina Kolata vs other authors.

We extracted and tried a multitude of features, setting the baseline as an SVM on 1000 most frequent words and then moving onto more complex features like Parts-of-Speech, Synsets, etc. We finished 6th on the final leaderboard.

Computer Vision - CIS581

Face Replacement using HOG and SVM

December, 2015



This project was an attempt to completely replace faces in video frames using Support Vector Machines (SVM) as classifiers on Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG).

We trained an SVM classifier to first identify a face in an image using HOG descriptors and then identify fiducial markers like eyes, nose and mouth in the identified face using Matlab’s Cascade Object Descriptor. Once a convex hull was identified in the target image face, Thin Plate Spline (TPS) morphing, alongwith Gradient Domain Blending, was used to warp features from source image face onto the target frame face.

We not only completed Option-1 (in-depth analysis of one part of Face Recognition), but also implemented substantial portions of Option 2 (end-to-end face replacement).

Seam Carving for Content-aware Image Resizing

November, 2015


The focus of the project was image resizing utilizing the principals supporting minimum-energy seam carving, and dynamic programming.

This is an implementation of an approach towards resizing images while attempting to preserve the integrity of important image information as outlined in Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Resizing"; Avidan, S. & Shamir, A.; 2007

Image Mosaicing

November, 2015


The goal of this project was to create an image mosaic (or stitching) of a collection of small images which are aligned properly to create one larger image.

Adaptive Non-Maximal Suppression technique was used to create a uniformly distributed cornermap of the image. Once the cornermap was ready, Feature Descriptor for each point was defined by subsampling the image around that point by extracting axis-aligned 8x8 patches. To match the feature descriptors between two images, ratio of the 2 best matches was considered.

RANSAC technique was then employed to remove incorrect matches. Finally, pairwise aligned images were overlayed with imwarp and bilinear interpolation to create the final mosaic image.

Image Morphing

October, 2015


The task of this project was to produce a morph animation of your face into another person's face.

2 Morphing algorithms were implemented - Thin Plate Spline and Delaunay Triangulation.

Canny Edge Detector

September, 2015


This project is an implementation of the famous Canny Edge Detector.

Canny edges are defined as local maxima of the image gradient. The algorithm is as follows: compute gradient magnitude and orientation, then seek local maximum in the gradient orientation and continue search in the direction of edge orientation for detected edge point.

SAP Labs India, Bangalore, India

Product Owner

Visualizations for SAP Cloud for Planning & SAP Lumira

June, 2014 - July, 2015

Javascript, Product Management, JIRA

Conversant with enterprise charting, I conceptualized several new visualizations for SAP Lumira and SAP Cloud for Planning - solutions for enterprise reporting and dashboards.

Based on business requirements and customer feedback, ensured delivery of new visualizations like Affinity Analysis, Loss of Sales Analysis, KPI-Driver Relationship, Value-Driver Tree, etc.

Fellow - Managing Director's Office, India

SAP Sports Analytics for Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)

November, 2013 - May, 2014


As a fellow in the Managing Director's office at SAP Labs India, I implemented predictive algorithms on SAP HANA to analyze 6 years of historical Cricket data from different leagues (IPL, BigBash, etc.). This helped the KKR team in analyzing strengths and weaknesses of different teams and individual players during the auction process and while selecting the playing XI.

The entire portoflio consisted of 3 solutions viz. SAP Auction Analytics - which helped KKR choose one of the best teams for the season, SAP Game Analytics - to define on-field strategy for every game, and SAP Game Visualizations -a fan-engagement solution.

SAP HANA Optimization Using Statistical Estimation

July, 2013 - October, 2013


Research project to optimize dictionary compression in SAP HANA (SAP's flagship in-memory platform) through ingenious memory reorganization based on the statistics of unique strings in the dictionary. Completed comprehensive proof-of-concepts in C++ to corroborate the research claims.

Patent Applications:
US 14/098,706;
US 14/314,032

Miscellaneous Projects

  • Drove 2 internal projects for SAP Labs India, viz. 'SAP Reva Car Booking Portal' and 'SAP Paperless' in an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of our organization.

Fellow - Design & Frontline Applications, Palo Alto

SAP Social Flex Seating for Stanford University

November, 2013 - February, 2014

Facebook APIs, Product Management, JIRA

SFS is a ticketing solution to alleviate the pain-points of group ticketing like sitting together, ease of payment and seamless collaboration between game attendees.

As a part of the product management team at SAP Labs, Palo Alto, I was responsible for furthering fan engagement portfolio, defining the product roadmap and gaining business acceptance for social flex concept amongst different stakeholders.

Development Intern

SAP Third Eye - Augmented Reality Platform for Android

February, 2013 - June, 2013

Android, Google Map APIs, J2EE, SAP UI5

Independently developed SAP Third Eye - a geo-location based Augmented Reality (AR) Android platform in just under 4 months as an interns at SAP Labs. It can be used as a standalone platform or can be connected to existing SAP back-end services to render nearby locations as augmented pins on the screen.


Contract Developer

Rohits' Office Automation - ERP Module

July, 2011 - February, 2013

Java, Swings, SQL

Rohits' Office Automation is an ERP module for automation of revenue cycle for SMEs. With features like master data management, printing of various bills on pre-printed stationary and automated report generation viz. sales, sales tax, performance, etc., it aims to ease the manual workload of such tasks.

Rohits' Data Logger

August, 2012 - November, 2012

Java, Swings, SQL

Rohits' Data Logger is a two-way client-side interface for 8-bit 8-channel temperature data logger devices. It can display real-time values of the 8-channels in real-time and store the same on disk, as well as, lets the user program the devices as per requirements.

WebEngage - Email Reader Project

January, 2012 - February, 2012

Java, Swings, SQL

Resolved the infinite e-mail loop issue caused due to auto-email responders by fixing the IMAP server bug.

I also modified existing code to prevent hard wiring of certain RegEx definitions.

JIIT, Noida, India

Thesis Projects

SpeakUp - Sign Language to Voice Conversion Gloves

Spring, 2012

Java, Swings, SQL

A sign-language to speech conversion system, SpeakUp is a cost-effective glove-based system to convert the static subset of a sign language to voice.

To record the different hand gestures, special cost effective gloves were fabricated with self-developed uni-directional flex (bend) sensors. 'Statistical Template Matching' technique was employed for processing and then recognizing these gestures.

Qubo - A Quadruped Robot

Fall, 2011

Arduino, Processing

QUBO is a 4-legged voice controlled robot for entertainment and basic security purposes. Built on the open-source Arduino platform and equipped with on-board sensors such as a micro-camera, microphone and touch sensor, QUBO can interact with humans through voice and images.

It also exhibit a large variety of behavioral patterns and has various features like the ability to recognize its master's voice, marker detection, collision intelligence, etc.

Miscellaneous Projects

  • 'UMessenger' - A LAN messenger for Unix, based on shell scripting and C, which uses sockets as its communication gateway
  • Sun Tracking Solar Cells - Embedded system using MCS51 to optimize power generation by rotating the shaft containing the photo sensors according to the position of the light rays.
  • 'Bloom' - Advanced Bluetooth messenger for Symbian phones with features like text-chat, file-transfer, remote-calling, remote-desktop access, etc.
  • White box testing tool for websites, scripted in Unix Shell
  • 'Word Scram' - A Word formation game in C++, wherein the player has to form maximum possible words through keyboard input from a random selection of 6 English letters. A linear time complexity was achieved through 'Dynamic Programming'.


  • Workshop on Data Visualization by Dr. Jurgen Faisst at SAP Labs India, 2015
  • Advanced Analytics for Management Program, 2014 at Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad
  • Introduction to Mobile Solution Development for Enterprise, 2013 - online course on OpenSAP
  • Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA, 2013 - online course on OpenSAP
  • Advanced Problem Solving in C course, December 2008 - under the aegis of IEEE at JIIT Noida


University of Pennsylvania

  • IInd Position, Penn-Apps (World's Largest Collegiate Hackathon), Spring 2016
    Lact-o-Log is a system designed to automate the Pumped Breast-milk Management System at Penn Hospital's - Neonatal ICU. We learnt about the requirement through a short discussion with the nurses and felt the imminent need to address their concerns.
    With intuitive web-interfaces and an innovative sleeve (with IR sensors) to convert a bottle into a self-measuring device we hope to convert our hackathon project to a full-fledged automation system and release the same to the hospital very soon.
  • IInd Position, Penn-Apps (World's Largest Collegiate Hackathon), Fall 2015
    Hacked a Myo-band to visualize a person’s gait (foot pressure map) and trigger emergency messages in case of a Parkinson’s attack.
  • Cleared WPE-I (PhD. qualifying exam) for Machine Learning - CIS520

SAP Labs India

  • Employee of the Year, 2013 in Spirit Of Innovation Category across 4500 employees in India
  • Finalist for Employee of the Year, 2014 in Star of the Year Category
  • Nominated for the global 'Hasso Plattner Founder's Award 2014'
  • Star Employee of the Managing Director's Office in 2014
  • High-Flyer of the Month award, May 2014, for top contributions to SAP Blue - an internal crowd sourcing platform
  • 2 team awards in 2014 for custom visualizations built for SAP Lumira
  • Finalist at SAP What The Hack hackathon, 2014, with a Smart Retail Shelf solution
  • Invited chief guest at Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology and Management (SMVITM, Udupi) for Engineer's Day Celebrations in 2014
  • SAP Technology Expert for -
    • SAP Developer Kick-off Meeting (DKOM), 2015
    • SAP What the Hack, 2014
    • SAP Lumira Extension Challenge, 2014
    • ISEC 2014 at IIT Chennai
    • Technology Booths at IPL in Dubai and Kolkata, 2014
    • SAP Open Transformation Through Design (OxD) Conference, 2014
    • Product Innovation Day, 2013 (Meet the Expert Pod)


  • Recipient of Government of India C.B.S.E Scholarship (CSS) for 5 years duration from 2008 – 2013
  • Winner of the 'Franklin Templeton India - Invest for Tomorrow Online Idea Entries', January 2013

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